Manage your eComchain Order using Order Management

With our new Order Management module, merchants can now manage their online orders and notify their customers on the Order status. The Online orders show up on the Track Orders page of eComchain dashboard. We are in an era where information is provided on-demand, literally using finger tips. Customers would like to know more about the status of their orders or be able to create another order for the same items when they are on a call with the merchant.

With the new set of functionalities, released by eComchain, as a merchant you will now be able to manage your online Orders wherein you can duplicate the order and its lines, edit an order for its quantity or even delete a line.

Check out the online video to learn more about this feature. View demo

Create a Quote to be converted to an Order

Ever wondered how to send out a quote to your customers that can eventually be converted to an Order ?

As a merchant, you can now create Quotes after logging into the dashboard. Using the new Quoting functionality, you can now Create a Quote, offer discounts, add new quote line and search for quotes.When the Quote is final, convert it to an Order or publish it to your customers for them to place an order online.

Check out the online video to learn more about this feature. View demo

HTML & CSS Editor features

If you are technically hands on and would like to edit the HTML and CSS of your landing page, use the dashboard to navigate to the Site and follow the steps as discussed below.

Click on the Site which need to be customized and click on the 'Customize' button on the far right hand corner. This would open up the Site Builder tool.

Once you have the Site Builder tool loaded, follow the demo to go over the steps to edit the HTML and CSS files.

Note, once you modify the landing page look and feel using the editors, you can revert the changes to the original state even AFTER you have Saved the changes. View demo

Award-winning Loyalty Program integrated with eComchain

eComchain has integrated its Cart and Online Order features with an award-winning Loyalty Program application hosted by Customer Connect, who brings onboard years of experience in the Loyalty program domain having implemented similar programs for companies such as Express, Hardrock Cafe, Hilton and many such marque organizations.

In additional to the integrations to eComchain, Customer Connect also tracks in-store purchase through its mobile applications for iOS and Android, consolidating the points earned for Online and in Store purchases thus increasing customer visits in turn increasing revenue for the merchants. View demo

Comparing eComchain with Shopify

eComchain, Cloud-based eCommerce application, is the result of 16+ years of B2B2C eCommerce implementations for customers like Starbucks, TempurPedic, TaylorMade and many such marque organizations around the globe.

Shopify has shown a strong presence for 10+ years, however its not safe to remain complacent in a highly competitive and saturated market. eComchain is showing its strengths in areas where other eCommerce platforms have fallen short. eComchain has functionalities and features that no other eCommerce platform has ever thought through, specially in a B2B2C space. Features wherein Wholesalers or Suppliers personalize sites for their Distributors (by giving their branding to the site) and be able to monitor the performance of the site with regards to revenue, visitors and other parameters is very unique to eComchain. Read rest of the article

What is B2B2C model all about ?

Typical Manufacturers and wholesalers come across challenges when it comes to getting their Distributors or VARs to adopt new technologies, specially eCommerce.

With eComchain, a wholesaler or a manufacturer can bring onboard any number of distributors or VARs, be able to provide branding with their logos, user interface and personalize the website using the eComchain proprietary Site Builder and Catalog page builder tools.

Additionally, onboarding distributors or VARs is just a click away with the upload tools that sends out emails to register online. View demo