Yes. Our support team is here to answer your questions.
Our team will take care of the domain name registration on your behalf. Click on the Domain Name registration link under the Service tab, enter the domain name to register.
Yes, as long as your old provider allows you to export data in an importable format for eComchain.
Not at all. eComchain comes with over 100 pre-designed templates that you can apply to your ecommerce shop. New designs are added regularly so you can always keep your online store looking fresh.
Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. eComchain provides a place for manufacturers, distributors and resellers to have sites working together to satisfy the end consumer.
We are continuously working towards deploying eComchain application to as many countries and currencies as possible. Currently, eComchain is available in American English, French, Japanese, German and Spanish languages, along with its corresponding currencies.

Tax, shipping and search

eComchain uses the very reliable cloud-based tax engine Avalara to calculate the correct tax for each order.
Shipping calculations are based on several different factors including, customer selection of carrier (when available), weight, dimensions, and location of the shipping address.
We use popular Solr features for the search engine. Solr is a standalone open source enterprise search server with a REST-like API. It has an extensible plugin architecture making it easy to plugin query time and index related code. And since its based on an open source architecture, we can change the code to suit your unique search requirements.
SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site’s visibility in the organic search results to attract qualified traffic. eComchain Search (and Catalog) related URLs are SEO friendly because of the way Solr, the search server, is configured. Using Solr’s SSA (Site Search Appliance) and its extensions we are able to generate SEO friendly URLs.

Site charges and accepting payments

Yes. We offer a free, 14-day trial of eComchain with no commitment or credit card required. Simply click here to sign up.
You can choose to be billed monthly or provide a credit card that we will charge monthly. You can change this at any time.
No. Transaction fees rob you of your hard-earned profits. We have one flat fee for the entire product and services. We would just pass on any transaction fee billed by the approved integrated payment gateway.
Please refer to the Design Package for the details of what we offer .
There are a number of options you can use to accept payment from your customers, such as, PayPal and nearly every leading payment gateway (Chase Paymentech, EpicPay, others).
Credit card companies have very strict guidelines regarding the processing of credit cards. Processing your store’s credit card orders with a retail terminal violates the terms of most retail merchant account agreements and does not comply with PCI card security guidelines.
An ecommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account. Most of the time, a merchant account and payment gateway are set up in one process through the same company.
Currently we offer the following Payment Gateway integrations out of the box
  • In North America - Chase Paymentech, EpicPay, Avalon, PayPal, US Bank Elavon
  • In Europe – WorldPay, Adyen
  • In South America – WebPay
  • In APAC – WorldPay, Authorize.NET, PayPal Payflow Pro, Citrus Pay, PayU
Reach out to our Sales or Support team or call us at 1800 409 9169, if you would like to integrate with any other Payment Gateway of your choice.


eComchain is built on the very reliable, fast and secure Amazon Web Services platform.
We have purchased the SSL Certificates on your behalf, so you can focus on your core business and start generating revenue.
We do not store credit card details in our database. We use the host pay page feature offered by our certified payment gateways to ensure we are fully PCI Certified.