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Leverage your current ERP business processes

Realize the full potential on your ERP investment by increasing your sales channels with eComchain's B2B2C model.

Grow your business online through seamless integrations to ERP applications.

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The power of eComchain ERP Integrations

eComchain leverages your current ERP implementation and business processes, instead of recreating the business logics. We use your current investment in Oracle, SAP, JDE and Microsoft Dynamics as the single source of truth and build a dynamic, feature rich, and market leading online store

Learn the secret on how selling online is making companies more efficient

A cut above the rest

eComchain’s seamless integration with ERP suites such as Oracle, SAP, JDE and Microsoft Dynamics allows you to take advantage of your ERPs’ strengths to create dynamic, feature-rich, and effective online stores that allow you to focus on your customers’ experience while increasing sales channels and revenue.

Learn the secret of how selling online is making companies more efficient and more profitable with:

  • Significant cost savings

  • Zero IT infrastructure and associated maintenance management

  • Periodic software enhancements that keep you at the leading edge of business and customer requirements

  • Mobile analytics that provide graphical insights into your customers, product sales, and business

  • An ideal platform to scale your operations with modules that manage your orders, quotes, accounts, customers, promotions, and services associated with customers

Wow your shoppers

Increase your company’s revenue by nearly 30% by improving your reach to end customers by using eComchain’s unique B2B2C product

Enhanced operational efficiency

Enhanced operational efficiency

Streamlined and improved service automation.

Make quick decisions

Make quick decisions

Get a 360 degree view of your business with actionable insights.

Scale your business

Scale your business

Interfaces that scale with your growing business needs.

eComchain : Lowest TCO, quickest ROI

eComchain : Lowest TCO, quickest ROI

eComchain’s time to market is usually half or less than our competitors.
This cost savings coupled with low monthly cloud-based SaaS hosting and support means a rapid return on your investment and the lowest total cost of ownership. eComchain also provides a simple to use suite of tools that allows you to manage and modify your site. You have the power to rapidly make changes to meet your business needs without waiting or paying for someone else to change your site for you.

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One-stop-shop. 100s of features.

eComchain integrates with your ERP to provides 100s of features that meet your business needs while providing an easy to use customer experience. This combination of business enabling functionalities and cutting-edge customer demanded features provide dramatic sales growth and reduced costs.

One-stop-shop. 100s of features.
Factors influencing Sales in a Manufacturer / Distributor eCommerce ecosystem

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Factors influencing Sales in a Manufacturer/Distributor eCommerce ecosystem

eComchain can take your business to the next level with its unique B2B2C
e-Commerce model. Learn how your business can succeed online.

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