Cut down time and cost with pre-integrated solution for Aviation industry

Ambry Hill Technologies (AHT) can assist suppliers of aviation parts expand its reach with customers through a custom-built eCommerce storefront, hosted by eComchain, designed to the specs and deployed with end-to-end integration with AHT’s Vista Suite.

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Real-time Inventory details

Real-time Inventory details

Display the product details such as its description, code, time cycles, account-based pricing, images of the parts as setup in AHT’s Vista Suite application. Additionally, if required, display the condition code, TAG type, TAG date at a granular level.

Increase the conversion rate with improved search

Increase the conversion rate
with improved search

With improved search features based on filters such as manufacturers and aircraft types, assisting shoppers narrow down the search, increasing the conversion rate.

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Information at finger tip

Information at finger tip

Shoppers can access real-time invoice and quote details from the Vista Suite application.

On-demand critical information

Consistently display and process relevant critical data as required by the aviation industry.

End-to-end Integration

With pre-integration solution a supplier of parts can focus on their core business while the eCommerce storefront does the heavy-lifting of data integrity.

Data that matters

With information available at real-time aviation industry shoppers gets the real consistent data that matters.

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eComchain’s integration with Vista Suite will help transform your business with increased revenue and sales channels. For more information, watch this short, less than 3-minute, demo video. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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eCommerce for Vista Suite


eCommerce for Vista Suite ERP

With eComchain’s unique B2B2C platform increase online sales revenue with increased sales-channels through dealer / distributor network. Find out how integrating eComchain with your Vista Suite ERP will change your business footprint with an edge over your competitors.

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* This integration has been developed and tested on Vista Suite out of the box functionalities. Request for Information for an integration with non-standard Vista Suite implementation.

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