Utilizing modern day B2B commerce procurement solutions enable a company to sell online rapidly without having to leave their internal systems.

Improve search results

Single sign-on through the buyer’s procurement system

When a user enters Punchout catalog, credentials are sent to uniquely authenticate the user by distinctly identifying the buyers and other individuals logged in to the catalog.

Increase the conversion rate

Personalized catalogs for easy product search

Punchout catalogs allow customers to purchase online while maintaining the connection with their procurement system as well as automation of the order to invoice processes.

Empowering merchants

Accurate orders with streamlined workflows

Enhance the structured relation between an e-procurement system of the buyer or ERP and the storefront of the vendor.

Increase the conversion rate

Increase Customer Retention

With the flexibility of a Punchout catalog, the clients get paid faster and maintain control over their inventory restricting the buyer to search out for any other competition.

Delivering accurate result
Enhanced User Experience

A Punchout Catalog will look and feel very similar to a typical B2B storefront, giving users a seamless and enhanced experience and ensuring the buyer’s reach to search for items from the vendor catalogs effortlessly.

Reduce Maintenance

Keep your site up to date - Improve internal efficiencies and cost savings across the organization where order processing is automated, preventing human errors in a B2B commerce environment that has high purchase volumes.

Pages that display results
Become a preferred Supplier

Foster the digitization of the supplier catalog that can be added in an agile, fast, and cost-effective way, enabling the supplier to become a preferred vendor for the buyer .