Multi-language Multi-tenant Packages

Packages spanning multi-tenancy create multi-language multi-currency sites with enhanced customer experience

Regional Package Single Site / Single language

To get you started in the quickest possible time

$2000 / month

Discount $500/month for 3-year contract

Global Package Multi-language / Multi-Currency

Reaching out to the global consumers

$3500 / month

Discount $800/month for 3-year contract

IncludesRegional Package plus
Multi-tenant Package

Connecting with your distributors and resellers to reach out to the end consumers

$5000 / month

Discount $1000/month for 3-year contract

Includes Regional or Global Package plus

Packages that fit your needs

Every package comes with features and functionalities designed for your business that enhances the shopping experience

Integrated Custom Components

Social Media Integration

Let your customers like your products on Facebook, tweet about it or purchase it via any of the social media network.

Recurring Billing System

Setup recurring billing for customers who have repeat orders at a scheduled interval, without having to revisit the site to shop around.

Returns / RMA

Integrate Returns / RMA with the payment gateway for prompt refunds on the products returned by your customers.

Other 3rd Party Integrations

Global Payment Gateways

You have a global presence and there’s a need to be PCI Compliant on multiple payment platforms to adhere to the regional policies ? We have the solution for you.

Gift Cards

Accept and manage gift cards using any gift card solutions of your choice and integrate the same with your site.

Capturing Customer Reviews

Capture customer feedback through an integrated Review Management system on every product displayed on the catalog

More Features

eComchain simplifies site management with pre-built templates and integrations to various 3rd party services. Features that include bulk upload of organization(s) and user(s) information for a quick and easy deployment of the site.

  • Catalog Management with top quality templates that our Design team has put together, meeting the needs of various verticals, keeping in mind enhanced customer experience
  • Multi-site, Multi-tenant framework making it easy for a business to reach out to their valued customers even if there are multiple levels of distributors and resellers
  • Be able to manage roles of various personnel in the organization who is allowed to administer the site, approve new business user registration etc.
  • Accept multiple payment methods such as credit cards, invoice with purchase orders along with payment terms
  • Email management system for administrators to add or update the email content for registered users, order confirmation etc.
  • Pre-integrated with payment gateways such as Chase Paymentech, Avalon, EpicPay and other popular ones around the globe