Quickest way to launch e-Commerce for Infor

If you are running your Infor and operating in the B2B web space, eComchain’s B2B2C eCommerce model is right for you. eComchain’s unique B2B2C greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of your supply chain by synergistically providing both B2B and B2C eCommerce functionalities on the same platform.

Compelling buying experience

Combined Power

With the combined power of Infor and eComchain, you can have the most comprehensive online store that has the latest “must have” features for distributors and dealers to individual buyers. eComchain enables you to have both a B2B and specialized branded B2C store sites to achieve your online goals by increasing sales distribution channels and revenues with the shortest time-to-market.

Responsive Designs

Improved Customer Satisfaction

eComchain’s features and functionalities add value to your website’s shopping experience with flexible payment integrations, custom shipping, and an intuitive dashboard with personalized portal capabilities. Your B2B and B2C customers can conveniently search for product, request quotes, place orders, and make payments from any device.

Easy to use interfaces

Multi-tenant features

With eComchain’s multi-tenant features your organization can launch multiple online stores supporting multiple languages and currencies while taking advantage of your Infor investment. eComchain provides multiple access levels through our customizing dashboard that provides granularity and flexibility to administrators when establishing additional online stores.

Webstore Management

Mobile Commerce

eComchain’s extends its easy-to-use and highly responsive designs from laptops and desktops to mobile devices.

Responsive First

Rapid Website deployment

Deploying a fully functional eCommerce site with eComchain can be accomplished in weeks, complete with end-to-end Infor integration. With eComchain’s pre-built and easy-to-configure integration, your online store has the features and functionalities that your customers demand and enhance their experience.

Responsive First

Retaining the Business Logic

When choosing an eCommerce platform, do not compromise your business logic or Infor investment that is already working for you. Enhance it. eComchain’s JDE integration allows you to retain your established advanced pricing, sales tax calculations, and order pricing.

Integrated e-Commerce model for Infor ERP

With eComchain’s pre-built integrations to Infor ERP, eComchain ensures you retain all the business processes you’ve already created and deployed. You will also have a competitive advantage with the ability to launch a new online store much faster than your competitors.

E-Commerce Tools & Services

e-Commerce Tools & Services

Increasing your online sales with expanded distribution channels is within reach. With eComchain’s full range of e-Commerce tools and pre-built integrations to ERP, CPQ and Sales CRM, we can help make your web store a resounding success.

Add-Ons for easy customizations

Add-Ons for easy customizations

Site Builder and Catalog Page Builder tools makes customizing your online store simple. You can customize your online store to support your ERP processes. The numerous pre-built add-ons for shipping, tax calculations, and credit card payments shortens your deployment and gives you a competitive advantage.

Watch a quick demo

eComchain’s integration with Infor will help transform your business with increased revenue and sales channels. For more information, watch this short, less than 3-minute, demo video. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Watch a quick demo
eCommerce for InforInfor ERP


eCommerce for Infor ERP

With eComchain’s unique B2B2C platform increase online sales revenue with increased sales-channels through dealer / distributor network. Find out how integrating eComchain with your Infor ERP will change your business footprint with an edge over your competitors.

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