eComchain Features and Functionalities List

eComchain is a Cloud-based eCommerce platform hosted on AWS, that offers merchants all the features and functionalities to launch personalized branded eCommerce sites. eComchain’s proprietary Site Builder and Catalog Page builder tools along with its robust dashboard with features to setup multiple sites in multiple languages and currencies along with various item attributes and pricing functionalities give merchants the ability launch omni-channel, responsive sites with enhanced customer experience. eComchain’s intuitive administration interface allows merchants to setup marketing campaigns, use any of the 100+ templates for their landing page, setup loyalty programs that’s backed by an extensive experienced support team, making eComchain an eCommerce platform that can be used by B2B and B2C users.

This document provides you with an in-depth look at eComchain’s features and functionalities, such as
  • eComchain Feature List for B2C Users
  • Provides an overview of the many features found in all eComchain’s B2C users
  • eComchain Enterprise B2B Features
  • Describes exclusive set of features built for the B2B merchants

eComchain Feature List for B2B2C Users

  • Choose from 100s of customizable templates using proprietary drag and drop features, that includes being able to upload Videos, Images, change font colors, background colors and many such pre-built efficiencies.
  • Be able to create multiple websites or stores from single Administrative login with the ability to invite dealers or retailers (for eg.) to create their own specialized branded sites.
  • Assign roles and permissions to end users to enhance their shopping experience
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies.
  • RESTFul API services for easy integration between eComchain and third-party applications such as Shipping Logistics or Fulfillment
  • Upload catalog for Products and their SKUs along with customer information
  • Set up Tax and shipping rates per location, product type or category
  • Manage SEO at the Product and Category levels
  • Mega Menu option for showcasing categories of products with a large number of options.
  • Use Catalog page builder to configure the inner catalog pages and the Item Detail pages this includes, but not limited to, image upload, being able to modify the buttons or the content within a button.
  • Be able to created unlimited product and SKU attributes with various levels of configuration that also shows up as facets or filters on the catalog page
  • Advanced setup features related inventory include pricing at various levels of supply chain (eg. manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers) in addition to stock, supplier and warehouse management
  • Search results rewrites and redirects with search engine friend URLs
  • Moderate reviews
  • Email on lowstock alerts
  • Setup configurable products with the ability to upload images and text for each of the attributes assisting the shoppers
  • Advanced pricing rules related to price breaks
  • Batch updates to products using the admin panel
  • Clickable bread crumbs
  • Easy to setup product comparisons
  • Product listing in a Grid or List format
  • Filtered searched using various facets of the product
  • Type ahead and Auto Suggest search options
  • Bulk upload thousands of products and/or SKU's from a CSV file template
  • Organic search
  • Know your customers
    • How frequently are your customers purchasing
    • What are your customers purchasing
  • Engage your customers
    • Create a reward catalog for them to show with their earned points
    • Run promotions
  • Newsletter management
  • Create Promotions and Coupons
  • Setup related products
  • Improve recommendations for customers – use account info, customer preferences, purchase history to deliver personalized messages and recommendations
  • Provide a personal touch with chatbots with conversational commerce
  • Identify exceptional target prospects – Predictive Marketing by capturing data of competitors’ websites
  • Retarget potential customers – capture notable time spent on a product to display special offers on next visit
  • Create Omni-channel personalization – eg. receiving push notification on mobile device while shopping
  • Email campaigns for abandoned cart, promotions, discounts, reactivation
  • Enable and Disable functionalities such as Guest checkout (for B2C Users), Enforce Login (for B2B Users)
  • Be able to register an account at the beginning of the checkout process
  • SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
  • Saved wishlist
  • Special instructions place holder
  • Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates
  • Tokenized Credit cards for PCI Compliance
  • Integration with multiple Payment gateways and processors such as Chase Paymentech, Cybersource,, PayPal to name a few
  • Turn on PO functionality to accept purchase orders with purchase limits
  • Manage the Order & Quotes from the admin panel
  • Orders created by the End Users can be integrated with ERP Applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP and many such platforms
  • User can also Request for Quote which in turn can be converted to an Order using the Admin panel by the sales personnel or by the administrator of the site
  • Emails are sent out to the end users when the Status of the Orders and Quotes are changed
  • Additionally New Orders & Quotes can be created while the older Orders & Quotes can be duplicated
  • Custom product choices and configurations can be changed directly during order creation, which Includes the ability to create new customers, or select existing customers, as well as select addresses, give discounts and assign custom prices
  • An email is generated when administrator enter the Shipping Method with its tracking numbers for a particular Order
  • Tracking an order is easier than ever with order statuses assigned to order states. A predefined list of order states (e.g. Booked, Closed, Shipped, Backorder)
  • A Complete B2B functionality with the feature to add multiple users to an account and multiple accounts assigned to a site
  • Customers can manage Address book with unlimited addresses
  • Roles and permissions can be assigned at user level
  • Every account has the ability to manage Wish list, Track Orders, set up billing and shipping addresses
  • Includes Newsletter subscription management at a site
  • Manage Product reviews at the account level
  • Easy to use editable form generation feature for Contact Us, Registration and Login pages
  • Multiple email templates (e.g. Order Creation, User Registration, Quote Approval, Password reset and others)
  • Create Online Service requests with Knowledgebase management
  • Enable Chat functionality with multiple chat rooms
  • Be able to track invoices associated to the accounts
  • Carousel type multiple images per product
  • Product image zoom-in capability
  • Display Related products
  • Display Stock availability with easy to manage stock statuses
  • Display custom tags for every product (e.g. New, Sale tags)
  • Multi-tier pricing using price breaks
  • SKU option selection based on product attributes
  • Configurable products
  • Add to wish list
  • Share on Facebook
  • Support for Multi-language, multiple currencies and tax rates for 180 countries using Cloud-based Avalara Tax platform
  • Configurable list of countries allowed during registration
  • Using Site Builder and Catalog page builder tools create a storefront optimized for mobile devices
  • Supports iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera browsers.
  • Supports the latest 3 versions of: Microsoft Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • All standard features required for a Mobile platform is included, such as
    • Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video
    • Apache SOLR based User-friendly search and results display
    • Clean display of product detail pages
    • Easy swipe between product images
    • Zoom capabilities
    • No ong-term maintenance costs with eases site update
    Used Google’s preferred approach to optimizing mobile sites with SEO benefits for Mobile friendly storefronts
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Integrate with Google Tag Manager
  • Analytics with multiple kinds of graphs for the following available
    • Revenue in a week
    • Revenue by City
    • Revenue by day of week
    • Abandoned Carts
    • Top purchased products
    • Products reviews
  • Customization Options are provided as detailed descriptions on the product detail page
    • Customize the various description sections (called ‘Drawers’) from the admin dashboard shown for any type of a product on the customer storefront
  • Select varying SKU colors ‘swatches’ from the product detail page to change the look of the product dynamically based on the selected color
    • These specific customization details gets carried over forward throughout the checkout flow with the appropriate customized image of the product
  • Monogram custom texts and images in varying formats and patterns on the product and get a dynamic view of the product personalization
    • Create various custom projects and save them into the website database for future use or future editing of your personalization artwork
    • Customization details and the specific custom artwork for the product gets carried over with details throughout the checkout process

The nature of eCommerce involves many touch points, from searching for a particular product, to clicking through various products, recently viewed products, to past order history, or submitting a product review. The clicks and touch points can be captured to further analyze the shopping behavior of every customer. Going through a big volume of data, to make predictions, assists ecommerce storefront merchants in increasing the online site visits along with its revenue.

Convert your eCommerce store to full-fledged Multi-Vendor Marketplace using eComchain tools

eComchain Marketplace has intuitive interface with an admin dashboard, where an administrator can add products, view categories, manage orders and sales and also be able to setup a supplier fee based on a plan the supplier picks. Additionally, the marketplace owner can earn per-sale commission from the Supplier, if the supplier is interested in a revenue-share model.

With eComchain’s marketplace, an administrator will be able to perform the following activities

  • Access supplier's profile, products, orders.
  • Add multiple suppliers.
  • Setup activate and disable supplier's administrative access
  • Assign a product to any supplier.
  • Synchronize products and orders from eComchain store to marketplace setup by the administrator

Enhance customer experience with eComchain POS system

Point of Sale or POS is an essential tool for any modern day retailer or business owner. We at eComchain take the POS experience to the next level by providing an omnichannel experience to the end consumers using an online store hosted on eComchain or walks into a store to make a purchase. In both the cases end consumer has access to the same catalog, prices, order tracking features and payment options eComchian POS is a result of the various requirements of the business owners and overcoming the challenges faced in their day-to-day business activities. We also recognized the fact that there is a strong need for the POS to be offline as well and sync up with the data once the POS is turned online.

  • Display your online merchandise to shoppers using the most accurate Visual Product feature for your eCommerce storefront.
  • With Augmented Reality give your customers a better perspective of your product, increasing sale and reducing cost. Collect customer feedback, conduct virtual online reviews, eliminating errors before spending on manufacturing the product.
  • With the exclusive technology that integrates 3D models with Commerce Cloud storefronts, it’s revolutionizing the buying experience giving consumers a better understanding of the product doubling conversation rate and reducing returns by 40%.

eComchain enhanced features

A unique useful functionality for merchants with dealers and distributors, wherein merchants invite dealers and distributors to setup their own specialized branded sites on the same platform giving them the same set of features and functionalities. This model is unique to the eCommerce space with the following highlights

  • Merchants (e.g. manufacturers) can increase their online sales channels and revenue with multiple specialized sites hosted by their Dealers and Distributors
  • Merchants (e.g. manufacturer) implementing this model can generate additional revenue by upselling this platform when inviting Dealers and Distributors to setup their specialized sites
  • Dealers and Distributors can upload their own line of products along with the merchants’ products

Merchants can now receive technical specs or documents from their customers when they are notified of the online orders. The upload feature is available on the Cart page before the check out process. Merchant’s administrator can view these uploaded files using the admin dashboard Order detail page. This feature can be configured to be visible on checkout page using the admin dashboard. Uploaded files are stored in Amazon S3 which is a scalable storage infrastructure.

B2B customers can upload a CSV file with item number and quantity for products they need to purchase from the site. This allows quick ordering for a B2B customer wherein they buy certain products more frequently. Once a customer uploads the file, the items are added to the cart and the customer can continue with normal checkout process.

eComchain has integration with ERP systems which Include Oracle EBS, SAP and JD Edwards. This integration includes the following modules in the ERP applications:

  • Order Creation
  • User Registration
  • Account Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quotes
  • Complex Pricing calculations

eComchain allows you to accept payments on your site on a subscription basis using PayPal payment gateway. Registered customers can subscribe to various payments plans that will be configured by the merchant, and customers can start a subscription for the services provided on the website.

Multiple pricelists can be associated to Customer accounts. This is specifically useful for B2B users who have special prices assigned to them as a result of their terms and agreements with the merchant. Products on the catalog displays the price listed in the pricelist for the logged in user accessing the site (that has the associated pricelist).

Solr search provides merchants with multiple features such as Type Ahead, Auto Suggest and advanced Natural Language Processing, providing speed, quality and relevancy of search results for customers browsing and shopping for products. Solr also handles Faceted Search displayed in the left bin.

Implement Loyalty programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers, increasing customer loyalty. This includes Marketing campaigns that send out emails to loyal customers with information on the status of their points and the promotions available. Redemption rules can be setup by the merchants using the Admin dashboard.

Merchants can setup automated Marketing email reminders that will be sent to customers with abandoned shopping carts and wish lists. Using the HTML-based email templates, merchants can send out personalized emails.

Useful for merchants who’s sales team will receive the quote before quoting a price and processing the order. An email is sent out to the customer when the Quote is Approved and when the Quote is converted to an Order. The content of these emails can be managed via the eComchain templates available on the dashboard.

Merchants can create multiple specialized B2B and B2C sites which can be administered and customized using the proprietary Site Builder. Each site can be previewed and accessed in separate sessions.

Every B2B registered user is assigned an account, who in turn is assigned a site. Only a registered B2B user, with a valid account number, can access the site on successful login.

Ensures improved performance when catalog and product related pages are cached.

Roles and permissions can be used to manage the various functionalities, e.g. turn off Checkout, prevent Order Creation or do not allow users to create new addresses.

API-driven next-gen eCommerce

eComchain delivers true microservices architecture with its API-driven eCommerce platform, where the frontend is fully decoupled from the backend. You can now launch multiple storefronts in different front-end technologies on multiple platforms with agility.

Mitigate Scaling challenges

With a microservice architecture, the frontend and backend can be scaled up or down depending on the traffic to your site. Heavy traffic on the frontend will not affect the backend operations.

Being Open

With eComchain’s open source technology, accelerate innovation and enable rapid implementation. With its decentralized development processes, it becomes easier for developers to collaborate and get to market faster.

Pick & Choose

Being technology agnostic and being able to pick and choose the service providers for what they are known for, you get the best of the breed for the frontend and backend applications. Additionally, use only what you need for your business processes, with each mircoservice serving a business function.

The solution deployed by eComchain with blockchain technology includes the following steps:

  • Creation of a digital asset and storage of the digital proof or certificate on Etherum, offering the blockchain technology.
  • Transmission of the digital asset or certificate (file sharing)
  • Validation of the digital asset using the signature stored on Ehterum and validation of the same using a checksum algorithm. This step also verifies if the institution that created the digital asset (or a certificate) is a legitimate entity in itself.

Utilizing modern day B2B commerce procurement solutions enable a company to sell online rapidly without having to leave their internal systems.

  • Single sign-on through the buyer’s procurement system
  • Personalized catalogs for easy product search
  • Accurate orders with streamlined workflows
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Become a preferred Supplier

eComchain has the tools that take the hassle out of online scheduling, booking, dispatching and payments. It promote the eCommerce Storefront availability, by sharing your available hours and let clients book and reschedule appointments, helping to stay organized.

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