Avalara Configuration

Create Avalara Account

  • If you do not have an Avalara account, create Avalara account by registering with Avalara. Up on registering, you will be provided an Account Number and License Key for your account with them. You will also be required to specify a Company Code with Avalara for each company (store) you will be using with their services.

Configuring Avalara within eComchain Dashboard

  • To configure the Avalara account within your eComchain dashboard, log into your eComchain account and navigate to Settings > Tax > Avalara.
  • Click on the + icon to the right to expand Avalara section and click on Add Avalara Account button to configure Avalara for your store.
  • Enter your Avalara Account number, License Key and Company Code into the pop up form for your desired Site. Account name can be any value as per your convenience.
  • Make appropriate configuration from the same form to complete the set up.

Additional Settings

  • Development : Set this to true if you are using Avalara development account to test the configuration. Change this to false when your store is production ready.
  • Account Status : Set this to Active if you want your site to use the current Avalara configuration.
  • Tax Calculation : Set this to Active if you want your site to use current Avalara configuration to calculate the Tax.
  • Address verification : Set this to Active if you want your site to usng current Avalara configuration to validate addresses (make note that address verification is confined to US and Canada).
  • Commit Tax on Place Order : Check this field if you want to commit Avalara transaction while placing an order.