Comparing Platform Features

Intershop SAP Hybris Oracle Commerce Salesforce eComchain
Turnover to consider the solution > $ 5 million > $ 5 million > $ 10 million > $ 10 million > $ 2 million
Emphasis Comes with experience primarily in the B2B space. Focusses Product Information Management system than eCommerce User or Customer experience. Cross Commerce with limited footprint. Primarily on Content Management System. With B2B2C Functionalities ideally suits Manufacturers with an ecosystem of distributors and retailers
Highlights Dynamic managed service model for easy scalability with limited B2B user footprint With new cross-channel consumer support capabilities, deploy solutions more rapidly larger number of channels. Yet to prove scalability across a mature B2B market. Scalable due to cloud based model with a focus on Enterprise Retailers ONLY. A B2B2C model resulting out of immense experience with B2B and B2C implementations.
Domain / Area of Expertise Have proven growth in the European B2B market. Built around accelerators for the On-Prem and Cloud platform. In its early stages to determine a niche area in the B2B or B2C space. Primarily proven performance at scale for B2C Enterprise Retailers with massive catalogs. A multitenant SaaS platform with B2B, B2C & the most UNIQUE B2B2C functionalities
Platform ecosystem Uses Microservices, built using Java technology, that are self-contained, largely decoupled units integrating into their eCommerce systems. Have been able to keep up the momentum by having an On-Prem and Cloud-based platform Built on the proven architecture of ATG and Endeca technologies with widget management. In its early stages with limited in its B2B functionalities Partner ecosystem is limited resulting in delayed time to market. Platform with a vision for Manufacturers, Dealers and Retailers to coexist providing great amount of flexibility for specialized branded sites at each level of the supply chain.
Average cost of Implementation plus annual recurring expenses 225K USD 300K USD 450K USD 950K USD Between 175K-200K USD
Profile (B:Brand, R:Retailer, P:Pure player, D:Department store, Pv:Private sales, B2B) B,D,R,B2B,Pv B,D,R,B2B B,D,R,P,Pv B,D,R,P,Pv B,D,R,P,B2B
Approximate timeframe to Go-live 16-20 weeks 24-32 weeks 20-24 weeks 14-18 weeks 12-14 weeks