API-driven next-gen eCommerce

eComchain delivers true microservices architecture with its API-driven eCommerce platform, where the frontend is fully decoupled from the backend. You can now launch multiple storefronts in different front-end technologies on multiple platforms with agility.

Mitigate Scaling challenges

With a microservice architecture, the frontend and backend can be scaled up or down depending on the traffic to your site. Heavy traffic on the frontend will not affect the backend operations.

Being Open

With eComchain’s open source technology, accelerate innovation and enable rapid implementation. With its decentralized development processes, it becomes easier for developers to collaborate and get to market faster.

Pick & Choose

Being technology agnostic and being able to pick and choose the service providers for what they are known for, you get the best of the breed for the frontend and backend applications. Additionally, use only what you need for your business processes, with each mircoservice serving a business function.

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A New Era in eCommerce is unfolding with the advent of Microservices

Limitless Customizations

Multiple storefronts with a myriad of customizations and user experiences can connect to one backend system, providing multiple integration points to the backend.

Your Choice of CMS & User Experience

At the end of the day, you do not want to rewrite your current content management system (CMS) with new technologies that have eCommerce capabilities. Pick your choice of CMS that integrates with eComchain microservices, without compromising your current business strategy.

Your choice of CMS & User Experience

Download this whitepaper to get the checklist of features offered by Microservices

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eComchain for Drupal

With in-house Drupal experts, get 1-stop-shop experience when deploying content rich customized eCommerce sites

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eComchain for Wordpress

Wordpress experts are just a call away to integrate seamless, scalable and robust eCommerce microservices.

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