Chatbots Includes

  • Administrative User Interface to manage Live Agents setup
  • Multiple concurrent chat sessions
  • Web-based client
  • Multiple Chat groups each for Sales, Billing and Support
  • Email feature when offline
  • Chat routing
  • Chat history
  • Report features using the administrative interface
  • Chat icons to suit your business
  • Google Hangout integration
Live Chat

Gain a comprehensive view of the performance of your online store

Take full advantage of the data provided by our proprietary analytics engine to track all the customer touchpoints. Our business intelligence reporting provides a holistic view of customer behavior across mutliple levels including the activities performed by distributors and resellers.

Improve your profitability using the valuable insights from these reports that shows site traffic, most frequently searched and ordered products, abandoned carts and much more.

Measure the success

Monitor the overall health of your online store and act on key customer intelligence, make smart decisions on how best to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. With eComchain Analytics you can:

  • Monitor profitability using an intuitive dashboard
  • Generate business reports for executives
  • Integrate with Google’s eCommerce Analytics for more indepth reports that could also be integrated with their AdWords Conversion Tracking system
  • Create custom reports
Monitor the overall health of your online store
Frequently Asked Questions
Our proprietary Live Chat software comes embedded with every online store that’s hosted on our SaaS based platform. We can also provide you with an integration hook to use Google Hangout, if that’s your preference
Reach out to our experts who can assist with any issues related to the Live Chat software
We let you setup a maximum of 4 agents one for each group eg. Billing, Sales, Support, Other Services
Absolutely. Reach out to our experts who can demonstrate how to change a user interface to suit your business needs.
Since Live Chat is web-based on a cloud-based system, it is independent of the operating system. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and others.
You can send out emails from the same Live Chat window, if there are no agents online. Ensure you have the right email address, for the agents to get back to you.
Login as the administrator of the store to access the dashboard.
Every online store is already pre-integrated with a proprietary analytic engine. Reach out to our experts to understand the effort involved to integrate your online store with any other analytic engine of your choice.
Reach out to our experts to comprehend the effort involved to customize the analytics engine.
Your analytics report can be accessed via the dashboard as long as you have an active online store.
Absolutely. It’s possible to integrate your online store to Google eCommerce Analytics, however there are a few preparatory steps that would be required and our experts should be able to give you more information