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eComchain Marketplace has intuitive interface with an admin dashboard, where an administrator can add products, view categories, manage orders and sales and also be able to setup a supplier fee based on a plan the supplier picks. Additionally, the marketplace owner can earn per-sale commission from the Supplier, if the supplier is interested in a revenue-share model.

With eComchain’s marketplace, an administrator will be able to perform the following activities

  • Access supplier's profile, products, orders.
  • Add multiple suppliers.
  • Setup activate and disable supplier's administrative access
  • Assign a product to any supplier.
  • Synchronize products and orders from eComchain store to marketplace setup by the administrator
eComchain Marketplace
Supplier Administrative Dashboard

Supplier Administrative Dashboard

Each supplier has access to eComchain’s features to manage their own products and account settings. With no limit to the number of suppliers who can register and sell products on the store front, eComchain offers one of the best scalable and robust marketplace in the industry. As there are various supplier's plans are provided by admin to supplier. A dashboard access is available to the supplier wherein the supplier can perform various activities as follows

  • Supplier can manage their products, orders and also change the order status.
  • Supplier is able to change the profile setting and add another admin user, if required
  • Supplier can also request to be removed as an admin user

Product Approval

eComchain Marketplace has one of the simplest and intuitive product management features. A supplier can upload the products, that are approved by the store owner and notified to the supplier via an email. Product approval can be automated or the administrator can turn on the manual approval process to validate the products uploaded by the supplier.

Typical Marketplace features will also include the following standard features available on any eComchain store front:

Supplier Management

Super Administrator can create & manage suppliers who in turn can create their specialized branded sites and upload their product catalog

Product Upload / Verify / Showcase Management

Suppliers can bulk upload their products or SKUs on their site and ensure the correctness of the data during the bulk upload process.

Customer Account Management

Admin Users with appropriate roles and permissions can manage customer data the includes managing accounts, users and their purchase limits.

Ad Management / Campaign Manager

Merchants can launch targeted ad campaigns based on abandoned carts, location of the end consumer, previously placed orders and other conditions.

Split Ordering

End Consumers can split orders to ship products to different addresses with exclusive shipping rates and promotional discounts on shipping offered for Marketplace customers.

Affiliate Program

Marketplace customers will be eligible to enroll in various affiliate programs launched by other entities.

Customer Retention / Reward / Recognition Tools

Powered with Loyalty Rewards programs reward points to increase customer retention and loyalty that can be redeemed by end consumers on the marketplace.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment gateways and processors are available for Marketplace merchants providing the flexibility and scalability to use processor of choice.

Logistics Management / Panel

Marketplace merchants have options such as shipping carriers UPS , FedEx, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post and other logistics management applications such as ShipEasy.

Customer Care / Tickets Management

Exclusive 24 X 7 customer support that tracks and resolves any customer queries in an efficient and effective manner.

Exhaustive Search

Powered with fast and advanced search tools assisting end consumers navigate to their desired products using auto-suggest and type ahead features.

Multi-Store Front

With its unique B2B2C model eComchain makes it possible for each channel partner in the to use comprehensive set of configurations and setups through which they can create their own specialized branded storefronts.

Multi-Currency & Multilingual

Supports multiple currencies and languages with an intuitive dashboard to setup default currency and language for each storefront.

Distributed Hosting & Load Balancing

eComchain servers are hosted on multiple availability time zones with a load balancer ensuring performance upkeep.

Data Mining & Business Intelligence Tools

Empowering merchants build meaningful omnichannnel customer relationships and increase revenue by providing personalization and recommendations based on their shopping experience.


Integrates with popular global accounting software.

Automated Taxation Calculation

Integrated with global tax engines, supported in 130+ countries, merchants can be rest assured tax calculations are correct to the last decimal.


Reports and analytical tools provide information related to monthly and weekly orders and revenue for various categories of the storefront.

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