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We really want to thank you for helping us build site in the shortest possible time with features that wouldn’t have been offered by and other similar eCommerce organizations. Taking care of features that are specific to our business in Australia is definitely a challenge and your team was on top of things. We have started marketing the site and getting great responses at our retail store as well. We can be a good reference for your organization whenever you need to expand your business in this region. Thanks, once again!
The platform has been built around the standard processes for Small-to-mid size businesses. Rich in features and functionalities, allows manufactures (for eg.) invite Distributors and Retailers to share the same eCommerce platform and personalize their own respect sites, resulting in a cost-effective platform at the same time increasing revenue for multiple organizations. Once the eCommerce platform is completely setup, businesses can almost leave it alone and just let it sell, bring in revenue at multiple levels on the same platform.
You don't need to know how to code to set up your website, and you have have products online and shipping the same day you set up. The website templates available are top-notch; you can have a professionally coded website custom tailored to your brand in no time. Transactions are quick and seamless, it's great whether you are selling physical products or drop shipping, or pretty much for anything you can think of regarding the internet and sales.
Overall the eComchain administration section is well organized and easy to use. Setting up products is easy once you get the hang of the structure and categorization options. The back end is very easy to use for users of all technical levels.Its an incredibly simple platform to set up, you can literally be selling items within a day. The initial set up process is easy and straightforward, I mean they basically walk you through the whole process.