Flying with safety in mind

Blockchain is the most suited to tackle aviation sector’s unique challenges arising out of the following factors :


  • Genuine parts resellers. Work only with parts resellers by comparing the serial number of a part being offered as a verified genuine part along with a real-time record of ownership.
  • Work with guarantees With blockchain enablement, you will be able to confirm that supplier guarantees the supply, repair and overhaul of components and systems.


  • Building value. With blockchain verified maintenance records of parts, extend the maintenance timeframes of the entire aircraft.
  • Save on tear down. Save the expense and time to tear down an aircraft to inventory its parts and assess their condition using the data captured by the blockchain solution.


  • Ensure the identity of every employee who interacts with a plane and the status of their credentials using blockchain technology
  • Control access to critical data by setting permissions only to blockchain verified or qualified employees who handle andinstall a part or service an aircraft.
The Integrated approach

Highly competitive industry

The aviation industry is highly competitive, however many of the users in this unique industry are not big into e-commerce. With eComchain’s B2B2C eCommerce model, the aviation industry suppliers and buyers can be connected on a single platform offering an omnichannel experience at various levels of the supply chain.

Accurate, real-time analysis and statistics

Limitless Customizations

Multiple storefronts with a myriad of customizations and user experience, you can easily connect to one backend system, which in turn, will enable multiple integration points to the backend.

Order Management system

Opensource Technology

With eComchain’s open source technology you can accelerate innovation and enable rapid implementation. With its decentralized development processes, it becomes easier for developers to collaborate and get to market faster.

Real-time access to ERP-based inventory and pricing

Pre-Integrated with backend applications

With technology that is agnostic, being able to pick and choose the service providers based on what they are known for, you will get the best of the breed for the frontend and backend applications, pre-integrated. Additionally, use only that you need for your business processes, with each mircoservice fulfilling a business function.

Be able to customize the web store

Mitigate challenges

Today, buyers looking for avionics, auxiliary power units and related aerospace products do not have a reliable eCommerce platform. Additionally, it becomes challenging when buyers have to call numerous companies, wait days or even weeks to receive a quote on a part, and risk buying from a company that does not have the certified part in stock. With eComchain’s eCommerce features, suppliers and buyers are able to connect, request for quote, verify the part’s certification and place an order.

Improved User Experience for Aviation

At the end of the day, you do not want to rewrite your current website or content management system (CMS) that hosts information related to the industry. eComchain can integrate with your current website or CMS platform using microservices specifically designed for the aviation industry, with improved user experience and at the same time, without compromising your current business strategy.

A Marketplace solution

If you are a key supplier in this unique industry space, with hundreds or thousands of buyers, eComchain can build a marketplace solution just for your business, transform your eCommerce solution to an Amazon-like B2B portal
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Why Microservices?

Bring onboard radical agility with improved customer experience using a powerful commerce engine, like eComchain, in the backend.
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eComchain’s integration with your ERP will help transform your business with increased revenue and sales channels. For more information, watch this short, less than 3-minute, demo video. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Aviation Industry


eCommerce for Aviation Industry

With eComchain’s unique B2B2C platform increase online sales revenue with increased sales-channels through dealer / distributor network. Find out how integrating eComchain with your ERP will change your business footprint with an edge over your competitors.

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